fun is the fact that my mistake is going to cost me $1349 aND IW ASNT EVEN AWAKE FOR IT

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i miss u all

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Happy 28th Birthday, Emmy Rossum! (September 12th, 1986)

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Grandmas getting auto-tagged ‘Grandmaster Flash’

A tumblr is documenting a widespread problem where grandparents using Facebook often get the tag recommendation ‘Grandmaster Flash’ when they type ‘Grandma’ into a FB status. The confused elderly people often don’t know what they are doing wrong, and in most cases don’t know who Grandmaster Flash is. One grandma then messages the hip-hop icon with the FB post ‘I didn’t mean to hit the grandmaster flash whatever that is’.

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me as hell

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the fact that theres no hbo 24/7 this year..

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